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Friday, January 7, 2011

MLM Software Feature and Plan Optimization

Exigent MLM Business Solution is software the building block that helps the construction of Multi Level Marketing Companies We provide Best Internet MLM Software and support services to our clients in both offshore and onshore models.
 1) Domain Registration and Web Hosting
                                     2) Static Website
                                    3)  Member Area
                                    4)  Admin Area
 Static Website:
Well-designed static pages to be developed with rich content and easy navigation.

Dynamic Module:
In Dynamic Module there are two sub modules…
              1)      Member Area
              2)      Admin Area

Member Area:
                          1)      Request E-pin
                          2)     Join Member
                          3)     Edit Profile
                          4)     Welcome Letter
                          5)    Member Account Reports
                          6)    Payout Incentive Reports
                          7)   Payout Statement Reports
                          8)  Internal Mail Service
                         9)   SMS Service
                       10)  Support Desk

Admin Area:
       E-pin Manager:
1) Generate E-pin
2) Sell E-pin
3) List E-pin
4)  List Sold E-pin
5)  E-Pin Status
6)  Blocking E-PIN Facility
7) Printing facility of used, unused E-pins by, member,   by Date
8) Complete lifecycle Management of every E-Pin
9)   E-pins with customized Size
10) E-pin can be sent through Email / Fax/SMS
11) Complete tracking of the EPIN
12) Exporting report of E-pins to Excel / Word.

  New Registration:
1)  Member Registration
2)   Edit Profile
3)   Down line Detail
4)   Genealogy
5)   Direct Sales Tree
6)   Sponsor List
7)   E-wallet
8)  Internal Mail Service

1)  Cheque Printing
2)  Mail Merge
3)   SMS Service
4)  Support Desk
5) Export to Excel any report
6) Customs Search

1)      Member Reports
a) Member Account Reports
b)  Payout Incentive Reports
c)  Payout Statement Reports

   2)      Payout Reports
a) Account Statement Payout wise
b)  Performance Incentive Payout wise
1) Binary Income Plan
2) Level Binary Plan
3) Uni-Level Plan
4) Non working Plan
5) Board Plan
6) Generation plan
7) Repurchase Income Plan
8) Australian Binary income Plan
9) Generation plan
10) Investment Income Plan
11) Tri-Binary Plan
12)  Matrix Plan
13) Growth income Plan
14)  Reward Programs

For More Detail, please allow us to serve you. Looking forward to work with you and your esteemed organization on this and future projects.
Thanks for taking the time to consider my Proposal.

We appreciate your time and business.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Point Of Sale Retail Software by Exigent Softech

Point Of Sale Software

Prepared By
Exigent Softech

If you are in retail industry you understand the problem: Your stock doesn't match your Physical Stock. 
Sales and Other Useful Data are going unmanaged.
Your team members are spending too much time checking mistakes instead of serve to customers. Something is going wrong, and you are not sure what is the exact Problem. 

The Solution….

Exigent Softech  Introduce POS systems such as Retail Management System. POS System consist a Centralize data base. Your all department using a common data base for storing information.
Super Admin can move any department and any store with the help of Single Click and can coordinate his subordinate through system.
JIT( Just In Time ) and Inventory Control Level concept reduces your head each and improve your productivity.

Inventory and Point Of Sale Solution….
  • Authentication Process
  • Multiple Store Management.
  • Commission Calculations.
  • Customer Management.
  • Vendor Management.
  • Employee Scheduling.
  • Time Clock Management.
  • Gift Card Processing.
  • Package Management.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Report Management.